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Black Sesame Night

It was a miserable old night on Monday and while some may not consider that weather for icy treats, I beg to differ! A couple of my friends and I took a quick trip down to Parramatta at around 8pm to grab a late night dessert.

Church Street Wowcow was tonight's frozen yoghurt store of choice and was fairly busy inside and out. It's great to see that it's been worth their while to stay open until midnight.

This particular franchise has taken off over the past couple of years and they have nurtured a recipe for success since their first store opened in 2006. The quality of the yoghurt rivals many other brands and team morale among staff always seems high. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience at Wowcow. They even sell their froyo outside of their stores!

Since last visiting this particular Wowcow they added a new soft-serve machine which increased the selection of possible flavours to six; Original and Chocolate are always on offer and the additional choices on the night were Black Sesame, Mango and Strawberry. Like most Wowcow stores they have around twenty toppings including (but not limited to) chocolate, biscuit, mochi, fruit, nuts, cereal and sauces.

Never having tried Black Sesame before, I figured I'd give it a go but had trouble figuring out which toppings would go best. I'm not a big fan of mochi so I decided on meringue and my go-to topping: pineapple. It was $4.50 for my small with two toppings.

The Black Sesame had a savoury, nutty taste while still being creamy and I was pleased that the meringue worked really well with it. However, I've been consistently disappointed by some flavours that dominate the taste of the yoghurt base. Most fruit and original flavours keep the lovely tang and aroma of yoghurt which was non-existent with the richness of Black Sesame.

To avoid misinterpretation, it was still delicious and I'm glad I tried it but next time I will personally opt for a fruity flavour over chocolate or black sesame.

Wowcow, with their weekly rotating flavours, have one of the biggest ranges of frozen yoghurt in Sydney. They are extremely active online and it's nice to see the effort they put in to communicating with their customers on Facebook and Twitter. Wowcow also offers lots of great promotions like Tight Ass Student Tuesdays where students in uniform or that flash a valid ID can get a small yoghurt, churros or smoothie for $4.

They have stores in Darlinghurst, Newtown, Burwood and Parramatta. I recommend any froyo lover checks them out, these cows wont bite!

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Lolia S said...

Wish we had Wowcow. Love that they have creative fro-yo flavors like black sesame!


city said...

thanks for sharing...

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